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十大赌博靠谱信誉平台 Logistics has more than five decades of high-touch logistics services and supply chain management expertise, supported by nearly a century of experience from United Van Lines and Mayflower. As an asset-based 3PL, we specialize in end-to-end transportation services, as well as the design, planning and management of supply chain solutions.

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What Sets Our Logistics Services Apart

Having honed our craft for almost 100 years under the Mayflower and United Van Lines brands, we apply the same level of care to our logistics and supply chain management business. 十大赌博靠谱信誉平台 Logistics has become a go-to for transporting high-value products, specialized equipment and bulky, irregularly shaped items.

From domestic transportation to project management, product consolidation, and installation and assembly, we handle it all. And, as a single-source solution, we do so with a highly personalized approach.

Backed by 99%-plus claims-free service and an extensive nationwide member and agent network, 十大赌博靠谱信誉平台 Logistics is the single, respected third-party logistics and supply chain management solution your organization needs.

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